Before You Begin…

Please read this page to help us make sure your application is processed as quickly as possible.

Account Security

Once you begin your application (see link at the bottom of this page), the first step is to set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA). This is required so we can immediately protect and safeguard the information input during the application process. Once your account is established, a 2FA code will be required each time you login to the portal. Further information about 2FA, including details of how to access a 2FA code, are outlined here.


Anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) requirements compel us to gather identification information to support your application, based on the entity you are using to invest in.

Please identify your investing entity below and read what identification will be needed so you can source it before beginning your application.


Please have your Australian Tax File Number (TFN) and / or Foreign Tax Identification Number (TIN) details on hand.

Verification Documentation

Your identification documents will need to be verified. For online applications we can do this online in real time for adult individuals, however for children and non-individual investors you will need to upload certified documents.

For offline applications you will need to provide certified paper copies. More information about the identification requirements of offline applications can be found here.

Documents Issued Electronically

Some original documents, such as a company’s Annual Company Statement or Certificate of Incorporation only exist in electronic form. If you are doing an online application then so long as you upload the original e-document provided by the government entity then it does not need to be certified. Offline applications will still need to have the print out of the document certified to include with their application.

Uploading Documents (Online Application)

If you are required to upload documents then your uploaded certified documents must be either in PDF, JPG, PNG or GIF file format. The maximum file size is 10mb.


Documents that are required to be certified must be done by a person appropriately qualified to do so (guidance can be obtained here.)

“I certify this (and the following pages each of which I have signed/initialed) to be a true copy of the document shown and reported to me as the original.”


Choose Your Investing Entity

Each entity has its own unique identification and verification requirements. Select your investing entity from the options below and press the ‘+’ icon to expand that section.

Individuals (incl. Beneficial Owners / Controlling Persons)

Relevant if you are applying in the name of an individual, or joint individuals, or as an adult on behalf of a minor.


Please have the following information on hand:

  • Full name*; AND
  • Residential* (not PO Box) address; AND
  • Date of Birth*

Plus, if you are applying as a sole trader…

  • Main place of business address (not a PO Box); AND
  • Business name; AND
  • ABN (if you have one)

* These fields will need to be verified.


You can either verify your identify online in real time, or you can upload certified documents.

Online Verification

Online verification is the safest and fastest method of verification and does not require any uploading of documents.

Please have the following on hand (if you have them):

  • Passport
  • Australian driver’s licence
  • Medicare card

Uploaded identity verification

  • Certified Passport
  • Certified Driver’s Licence
  • Certified Birth Certificate


Presently minors cannot verify online and will need to upload their certified identification, which is either:

  • Certified Passport, if one exists; or
  • Certified Birth Certificate

Companies (including Trustee Companies)


Please have the following information on hand:

  • Company Name*; AND
  • Registered Office Address; AND
  • Main Place of Business; AND
  • ACN* and ABN (if applicable); AND
  • PTY or LTD*; AND
  • If PTY LTD, names of each Director; AND
  • The details of the company’s Beneficial Owners*

Trustee companies do not need to provide an ABN or Tax File Number.


To verify the required fields please provide either:

  • The most recent Annual Company Statement issued by ASIC (note an ASIC Company Summary is not sufficient); or
  • An ASIC Company Extract (again, not an ASIC Company Summary) that can be obtained for a fee from the ASIC Connect website.

If you are applying online you can an uploaded an uncertified original electronic document.

If you are applying offline you will need to have your printed copy certified.

Regulated Trust (i.e. Self-managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF))


You’ll need to source:

  • Trust name
  • Full Business Name (if applicable)
  • Trustee(s) Names
  • Trustee(s) Addresses (not PO Box)
  • Settlor
  • Type of Trust
  • Country Established
  • Full Name Of Each Beneficiary OR
  • Details Of The Class Of Beneficiary
  • Name of the government regulator (most likely the ATO)*


Regulated trusts qualify for simplified verification, so only the name of the government regulator is needed.

The trustee(s) are individuals then one of the trustees will need to be identified and verified as per the process of individuals above.

The trustee is a company then it will need to be verified as per the process of companies above.

Unregulated Trust (i.e. Family Trust, Unit Trust)


You will need to gather the same information as outlined for regulated trusts however there will not be a government regulator.

Unregulated Trust Verification

In our experience, the easiest way to provide the identification and pass the certification requirements is to upload a letter from a solicitor or qualified accountant (on their letterhead) that confirms:

  • The full name of the trust
  • The full business name (if any) of the trustee
  • The full names of the trustee(s) of the trust
  • The address of trustee(s) (cannot be a PO Box)
  • The full name of the settlor of the trust
  • The amount of the settled sum
  • The names of the appointer(s)
  • The type of the trust
  • The country in which the trust was established
  • The name’s of the beneficiaries or class of beneficiaries of the trust.

We have created this template that you can download and provide your accountant or solicitor to assist them.

If you cannot do this, then the alternative is to upload a certified original copy, or certified extract, of the trust deed that provides the information as identified above, except for the trustee’s addresses.

This can normally be accomplished by providing the title page and particulars or schedule pages of the trust.

Unregulated Units Trusts Beneficial Owners(s)

The beneficial owner(s) of units trusts are any person who owns or controls more than 25% of the issued units and will need to have their identities verified via the protocols for individuals outlined above.

Unregulated Family Trust Controlling Person(s)

Unregulated family trusts do not have beneficial owners. Rather, it is the appointer(s) of the trust who are deemed to be the controlling person(s) and will need to have their identities verified via the protocols for individuals outlined above.

And Don’t Forget…

Please make sure the date on your certification is less than two years old.


That’s a lot of information to digest and hopefully you can located what you need before you start.

As always, if you need assistance or have any questions then please email or phone (03) 8592 0270 during business hours. Please note that during busy periods you will need to leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can. For faster service please email.

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General Advice Warning: This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider the PDS issued by Plantation Capital Limited ACN 133 678 029 AFSL 339481 in deciding whether to acquire an interest in the Strategic Opportunities (Growth & Income) Fund. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. No earnings estimates are made.