About the Fund

Legal Information

The Strategic Opportunities (Growth & Income) Fund (“the Fund”) is an ASIC registered managed investment scheme (“MIS”) with an Australian Registered Scheme Number (“ARSN”) 668 357 837.

Plantation Capital Limited (“PCL”), is the Responsible Entity of the Fund. PCL holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (“AFSL”) 339481, a copy of which is available by request via email.

Fund Objective

The Fund is an unlisted fund (i.e. unit trust) that seeks to generate growth and income returns by investing in a diversified portfolio of cash and money market instruments, bonds, strategic efficient assets (e.g. managed funds that invest in local and global equities) and entrepreneurial inefficient investment opportunities (such as direct property and unlisted property trusts). The Responsible Entity will seek to generate income and growth for the Fund in the form of:

  • interest from cash, money market investments, and bonds;
  • income and capital distributions from professionally managed funds that invest in local and international efficient equity markets; and
  • rental income and capital growth from purchasing direct and indirect real estate based investments.

Target Market Determination

While the Fund is a retail fund and open to all investors, to assist you to determine whether the Fund may be suitable for you, please read the Fund’s Target Market Determination (“TMD”) in addition to its Product Disclosure Statement.

Download the TMD

The TMD is not a complete summary of the features or terms of the Fund.  It does not take into account any person’s individual objectives, financial situation or needs and hence is for information only and does not constitute general or specific financial advice.

Product Disclosure Statement

Critical information about the Fund is contained in its Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) dated 14 August 2023. You can access a copy here:

View the PDS OnlineDownload the PDS

It is essential that every investor read the PDS to understand the Fund’s key risks, benefits, fees, structure, operations and procedures. If you have questions about the PDS please [contact the Responsible Entity] or seek assistance from your financial adviser.

Minimum Investments

You can make an initial or additional investment at any time provided the Fund is open to subscriptions. Once it is available, Fund investors can implement an Automatic Investment Plan (“AIP”) investment at any time (i.e. even when the Fund is closed to initial and additional investments).

The minimum investment in the Fund are as follows:

  • Minimum initial investment: $10,000
  • Minimum additional investment: $1,000
  • Minimum AIP investment: $250 per month

Units & Available Capital

To proceed, the Fund has a minimum subscription amount (“MSA”) of $30,000,000 which it must raise by 31 December 2023. If the MSA is not achieved by the deadline then the Responsible Entity will redeem the issued units and return its capital (and interest earned thereon) to investors.

Until the latter of 30 September 2023 and when the MSA is achieved, the unit price will be fixed at $1.00. After that time the unit price will become floating and will be priced monthly based on the Fund’s adjusted net tangible assets.

The Fund will remain open until it has issued 75,000,000 units, at which time it will temporarily close until its capital has been deployed.

How To Invest

If you are considering investing in the Fund then it is recommended that you:

      1. Read the Target Market Determination to consider whether the Fund meet’s your investment needs*
      2. Access the PDS by viewing it online or downloading it
      3. Complete an online application or download and complete an offline application
      4. Have your identify verified to meet AML and CTF requirements
      5. Remit your investment sum

* Seek assistance from your financial adviser as needed.

General Advice Warning: This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider the Product Disclosure Statement (dated 14th August 2023) issued by Plantation Capital Limited ACN 133 678 029 AFSL 339481 in deciding whether to acquire an interest in the Strategic Opportunities (Growth & Income) Fund. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. No earnings estimates are made.